Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie Inspired Book Page

This assignment was inspired by fortunes from fortune cookies. For this project, we had to choose six fortune cookies from a bag. We examined the fortunes and brainstormed how to use them in our art. Most of the fortunes I chose were associated with time and the future. So, the first thing I did was found a picture of a clock in a magazine. Then, I cut out a hole in my piece of paper and glued the clock picture to the back so the clock peered through the hole. The fortune I decided to use in my art teaches you how to say "this is a clock" in Chinese. I thought this particular part of the fortune applied to the clock, representing time and the future, so I placed it under the clock picture. After that, I mainly used tissue paper and different paints to decorate the background. I didn't really get to finish it the way I originally hoped to, but in the end it turned out okay. Here is my book page:

Art x 3

The inspiration for this project was "celebrity". For this assignment, we had to create a collage for two days and then anonymously pass it on to someone in another class. Then, the next two days we would continue to work on someone else's collage. After we had finished working on our second collages, we received one last collage which we worked on for about a week, or until they were finished. No one knew who they were passing on their collage to, or who they were getting their new collage from. This project was stressful because you never knew what you were going to get, and you couldn't really get attached to your first two collages. However, the last collage was very fun because we were finally able to finish a collage the way we wanted to. This was my final collage:

Pop Print

This assignment was inspired by Andy Warhol and his pop prints. For this project, we each had to choose an item to draw and eventually print. The item I chose was a paper folded crane. I chose the crane because I liked that it was very simple and I was excited to see what it would look like when I was ready to paint it. The drawing portion of this project was definitely the easiest part. Then, it became a little difficult when we had to carve the drawing into the stamp. Carving was probably the hardest portion, but then it became easier when we had to print. This part was really fun and I ended up printing a lot of the paper cranes in many different colors. One of my favorite prints was this one: