Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie Inspired Book Page

This assignment was inspired by fortunes from fortune cookies. For this project, we had to choose six fortune cookies from a bag. We examined the fortunes and brainstormed how to use them in our art. Most of the fortunes I chose were associated with time and the future. So, the first thing I did was found a picture of a clock in a magazine. Then, I cut out a hole in my piece of paper and glued the clock picture to the back so the clock peered through the hole. The fortune I decided to use in my art teaches you how to say "this is a clock" in Chinese. I thought this particular part of the fortune applied to the clock, representing time and the future, so I placed it under the clock picture. After that, I mainly used tissue paper and different paints to decorate the background. I didn't really get to finish it the way I originally hoped to, but in the end it turned out okay. Here is my book page:

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