Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Class Collection

In Creative Arts this week, one artist we talked about was Portia Munson. So for this assignment, we decided to model our work after hers. Each student in our class was required to bring in two blue items. Once everyone brought their blue items in, we collected them on a table in the middle of the classroom. It was very interesting to look at the pile after everyone had contributed to it because everything was so different. I think this collection reveals a lot about our class. Our pile of blue items contained all sorts of things such as phone cases, colored pencils, nail polish, cleaning supplies, etc. However, most of our collection consisted of useless items that people probably just found lying around their house. I think this shows that most people these days have a lot of random items that they don't use on a daily basis and probably don't need. Some people prefer to live without clutter; others never throw away anything. In my opinion, no matter how neat you are, there will always be at least one thing that you hold on to that has absolutely no use in your life. And I think that's what this pile is for our class; a collection of random items that no one had the heart to get rid of.

Here is the picture of one of Portia Munson's sculptures that we modeled this project after:

What Do You Collect?

Over the years, I have acquired many random items. Eventually, my items have turned into collections. My collections consist of movie stubs, concert tickets, 3-D glasses, and fortunes from fortune cookies. However, I'm not exactly sure why I collect these things. I guess I keep the fortunes from fortune cookies because I like to have a positive attitude, and the fortunes are usually very hopeful. Ever since I can remember, I've been saving movie tickets, and when I started going to concerts, I saved those tickets as well. I like to keep my tickets from movies and concerts because they are special memories, and they are all different. As for my 3-D glasses, I got most of them from different attractions at Disney World, and I guess I was intrigued by the different colors because I had only ever seen black 3-D glasses.
 Here are some pictures I took of my collections:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Compare and Contrast

During the first marking period in art class, we had two assignments. The first project was the bike drawing. The second project was the candy jar drawing. One difference between these drawings is that we only used graphite pencils for our bike drawings, but we used graphite pencils and colored pencils for our candy jar drawings. One similarity between these drawings is that most people drew from the pictures of the bike that they took on their phones, while every table had their own jar of candy to draw from. Overall, I think most students preferred drawing the jar of candy rather than the bike. However, I enjoyed drawing the bike rather than the jar of candy. These projects were very difficult and challenging, but I actually really enjoyed the time I spent drawing. I think I have definitely improved with my drawing and I'm very excited for our next project! 

Candy Jar Drawing

Our second project for art class this year was to draw a jar of candy. The side of the jar that I drew was difficult because it was mostly wrappers and didn't have many candy bars. The candy wrappers also had very strange shapes and were hard to draw. For this assignment, we used graphite pencils to sketch the jars of candy. Then, we used colored pencils to color and shade our drawings. As you can see, I haven't finished my drawing yet, but I am almost done. This drawing was definitely a challenge for me, but I really liked working with the colored pencils.

Bike Drawing

Our first project for art class this year was to draw a bike. This drawing was very interesting because everyone chose a different part of the bike to draw. For this assignment, we used only graphite pencils to draw and shade our bikes. Personally, I liked the drawing portion. However, the shading portion was not my favorite. Although I'm not completely satisfied with my drawing, I did surprise myself a lot and I am proud of my progress. It was a long process, but eventually I finished my bike drawing. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Welcome to my blog! This is my first year taking art in high school. I've always loved art and I'm glad I finally have the opportunity to take this class. I hope to learn a lot about art this year and I can't wait to start posting my projects!