Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Class Collection

In Creative Arts this week, one artist we talked about was Portia Munson. So for this assignment, we decided to model our work after hers. Each student in our class was required to bring in two blue items. Once everyone brought their blue items in, we collected them on a table in the middle of the classroom. It was very interesting to look at the pile after everyone had contributed to it because everything was so different. I think this collection reveals a lot about our class. Our pile of blue items contained all sorts of things such as phone cases, colored pencils, nail polish, cleaning supplies, etc. However, most of our collection consisted of useless items that people probably just found lying around their house. I think this shows that most people these days have a lot of random items that they don't use on a daily basis and probably don't need. Some people prefer to live without clutter; others never throw away anything. In my opinion, no matter how neat you are, there will always be at least one thing that you hold on to that has absolutely no use in your life. And I think that's what this pile is for our class; a collection of random items that no one had the heart to get rid of.

Here is the picture of one of Portia Munson's sculptures that we modeled this project after:

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